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Reiki What Is It and How Does It Work
The Japanese developed Reiki as a technique for stress reduction and to promote healing. "Laying on the hands" is what drives Reiki. An unseen life force energy flows through all of our bodies and when that energy is low then stress is more apparent and if it is high we feel capable of handling almost everything that comes our way. Reiki is taken from two Japanese words that mean Wisdom or Higher Power and spiritually guided life force energy. Patients report when they are finished...

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What Is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing can involve the body, mind, and spirit and often goes beyond our human intelligence. Spiritual healing is recognition of a higher power beyond our own limits. We have an acceptance and a relationship with a Higher Power, or God that gives us inspiration, security, peace, joy, and spiritual guidance. Spiritual people believe the body, mind, and spirit should work together and be in harmony for good physical and emotional health. Spiritual healing can be channeled from a human source that is sometimes called a healer. A healer will usually put their hands on the patient and the healing energy is transferred. The healer is not the one who creates the healing power; it is God or another Higher Power. Healing power is channeled through the healer's hands that are laid on the part of the body that is in need of healing. It could be a mental or emotional problem or it could be a physical problem such as a stiff knee. You do not need to have a "healer" to be spiritually healed. It is possible to tap into your inner spirituality and pray for your own needs. Spiritual healers agree the energy for divine healing comes from an invisible, external, and intelligent source. This healing source is available to all who need it. Spiritual healers believe there is a connection between the body, mind, and spirit and if they are not working together it is impossible to maintain positive health. Many believe that sickness will often start in the mind or in the spirit. This is where spiritual healing begins. New Age is a term that includes spiritual healing, awareness of mind and body and the connection between the two. New Age is a loose term that is identified with the healing movement and self-improvement programs. Americans are hungry for a divine force to believe in and alternative health care solutions. Many are eager for a connection and experience with a Higher Power. The connections of random events, mysterious coincidences, and the evidence of synchronistic events give a person a chance to grow and help break the cycles of poverty and depression. This connection to a Supreme Being will help people regardless of their income or intelligence. Spirituality is not the same as religion. Religions involve doctrines and belief systems and humanity's relationship with God. Spirituality is when there is a connection between a human and a higher power, something stronger than the human being and the order of the universe. God is the term used most often in the Western culture but there are other names credited to this Higher Power, too many to try to list. Many will receive inspiration from a walk in nature, watching a beautiful sunset, or seeing the precious smile of a child. Studies report that Americans will spend over one and a half billion dollars on books about spirituality and religion. The report states that over 44 million Americans identify with spiritual healing and almost half of all Americans have had alternative health...........read more

Spiritual Healing in the News Today

My Visit to the Synagogue Church of All Nations- Part 2
The following day which was a Saturday was quite eventful. That was the day we all have to register for the prayer line which will be ministered on the Sunday. This registered was quite significant as it determines what exactly you will be prayed for by either the Wiseman or the Prophet himself.

Sand Creek massacre remembered during Spiritual Healing Run
The instructions Vanessa Otto Braided Hair gave me last Thanksgiving weekend for the final day of the Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing Run were simple: Meet at Capt. Silas Soule's grave marker in Denver's Riverside Cemetery.

Express Success LLC Opens Office in Lakeland, Florida
Express Success LLC opens office in Lakeland Florida due to portals of light available to enhance Dr. Joy Pedersen's spiritual healing practice. (PRWeb October 31, 2013) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/ExpressSuccess2013/Lakeland/prweb11283862.htm

Spiritual Matters
Monks Revisit Church on Healing Mission Neighborhood Congregational Church will host visiting Tibetan Buddhist Monks from India’s Drepung Gomang Monastery, Nov. 5-10, here to create an elaborate sand mandala and inspire peace. The church welcomes them with an opening ceremony at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 5. The visit culminates at the 10 a.m. Sunday service […] The post Spiritual Matters appeared ...

4 Steps To Healing A Broken Life
The poet, spiritual thinker and author of Seven Thousand Ways to Listen , Mark Nepo explores the ways we can put the pieces back together. Though no one likes it, each of us will find ourselves broken at some point in our journey. When we find ourselves there, what do we do?

Niagara County faith-related events Nov. 17-24
PRAYER: The Healing Rooms of Buffalo Niagara is open for prayer for anyone who needs physical, emotional or spiritual healing, 7 to 9 p.m., Potters House Christian Community Church, 723 Seventh St., Niagara Falls. No appointment or fee necessary. For more information, call 884-0048.

Idaho laws protect faith healing even when children die
The Truth Squad investigates what, if anything is being done to protect the children from faith healing

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