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Dealing With Suffering
Where is God when we are suffering? Many people have asked that question. When God created us he made us perfect until sin was brought into the world. When sin was introduced, suffering followed. It is no longer a perfect world and we can all expect some suffering in our lives. Why is it that some people seem to suffer more than others? Why do some people have to endure constant pain and slow death from cancer? Why do Christian marriages break apart and cause suffering for adults and...

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Spiritual Healing with Outside Help

A spiritual person may have the gift of healing but they believe that everyone has a healing mechanism that flows through and around the body, mind, and spirit. A spiritual, healing energy that helps our body stay in perfect order. Many times our own spiritual energy is interrupted by sickness, negative attitudes, or an unhealthy diet. These and other factors block our own healing power and we may need the help of other spiritual beings to help us get our energy back in order. Spiritual healing can begin with a healer who will act as a conductor of the healing energy that flows from them to you. Healers will often "lay hands" on the person that is sick and the healing energy flows to the part of the body that needs healing.

Healing does not always come when it is a physical problem. Our body may not be healed but we will be able to handle the problems that are associated with the illness. Some people may totally block any healing forces and the coping mechanism is not healed. There are many reasons for this problem. One may be the person may prefer to be ill in their subconscious mind. There is a "need" to remain ill because it feeds the need for extra attention and sympathy.

Healing may mean a person is allowed to die more peacefully. It is not always in God's will to heal each individual person. He has an order in the universe and part of that order is the process of dying. Spiritual healing may come at the time of death. This may have an impact on family and friends to know their loved one was at peace when he or she died.

Treatment for spiritual healing begins with the "healer" getting in tune with the body of the person needing the healing. The person interceding on behalf of another person may scan your body with their hands hovering just over the body to find the areas with low or blocked energy flow. You may experience different sensations during the healing session. You may feel a sense of heat, tingling sensation in your limbs, and a sense of being light-headed. When the session is over, you may feel thirsty or sleepy, and you will feel relaxed and peaceful. Do not expect healing instantaneously; give it a week or so between sessions to allow time for the healing to work. Some have experienced an immediate healing and many Churches and Spiritual fellowships have reported remarkable results from healing services.

Intercessory prayer may be an important tool in your spiritual healing. Asking those people you know are spiritual beings to pray in your behalf gives you an improved chance you will be healed. There is scientific evidence that proves that intercessory prayer has been beneficial in the healing of some individuals. Prayer is an important part of the fellowship of other spiritual people. Praying for others often will help your own spiritual healing.

Faith and Spiritual Life: Programs and Events (Everett Herald)
Community Impact Dinner: 5:30 p.m. Saturdays. Life Changes Ministry, 2532 Virginia Ave., Everett. 425-252-6484. Dinner at the Bell: 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Everett First Presbyterian Church, 2936 Rockefeller Ave., Everett. 425-259-7139.

Spiritual advisor behind the walls (Jefferson City News Tribune)
Although many people forget about these men, Rev. Robert Joe Gibson helps them find their path to spiritual healing. Gibson is the chaplain for the Jefferson City Correctional Center. He's been a prison chaplain for 14 years and with the Department of Corrections for the past eight years.

Center celebrates natural healing (University of New Mexico Daily Lobo)
Kalpulli Izkalli, a center for natural healing, held its third annual Traditional Medicine and Healing Gathering on Saturday. Natural and traditional healers from across the country gathered at the Westside Community Center to participate in healing exercises.

Faith and Spiritual Life: Programs and Events (Everett Herald)
Community Impact Dinner: 5:30 p.m. Saturdays. Life Changes Ministry, 2532 Virginia Ave., Everett. 425-252-6484. Dinner at the Bell: 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Everett First Presbyterian Church, 2936 Rockefeller Ave., Everett. 425-259-7139.

Dakota leave Coldwater Spring site after four days (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
A four-day Dakota spiritual gathering concluded Saturday at the Coldwater Spring site near Minnehaha Park. About 40 tribal members and supporters held a pipe ceremony at 1 p.m. after taking down tepees and cleaning up the site.

Looking to the past for healing (The Star)
An alternative therapy maintains that our memories of previous lives can heal some deep seated problems in our present lives.

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