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Faith Healing In The Christian Religion
Faith healing is a phrase that some Christians use who believes that God physically heals people through the power of the Holy Spirit. This involves "laying on hands" and intercessory prayer. Faith healing is often spoken of in other terms in the Christian world. The Catholic Church believes healing occurs because of intercessory prayer of a saint or a person that has the gift of healing. Physical healing has been credited to many saints of the Catholic Church. It is the most common reason...

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Spiritual Healing-A Divine Mystery

Why is it that some people receive spiritual, emotional, and physical healing while other continue to wait? God does not provide for everyone in the same way. He provides individual gifts and answers to prayer according to what He feels is best for us. Prayer and a relationship to God is not a little button you push to have instant answers to prayer. You may ask for a new car, or divine healing of a physical problem. Some churches believe that all Christians will be lead, healed, and empowered by God. The problem appears when God does not heal, lead, or empower. They believe it is because of unconfessed sins that block God's healing power for emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.

Illness is not caused by unconfessed sin; it is caused by the nature of this created world. Unconfessed sin can cause physical distress but usually is caused by items we face in this world. Smog, cigarette smoke, carcinogens and other harmful elements, bad genes, germs, or accidents make us ill. Churches who scold their members or shun them if they are not healed after being prayed over can turn people away from the source of their healing. People are driven away from the church because people begin questioning them about areas of life they believe may harbor unrepented sin. This was not the way of Jesus. He healed the sick and showed love to those no one else would love. If you find you are attending a church like this, you should try to change your church from the inside or find another church.

Some churches believe that healing prayers are not answered because the person does not have enough faith. Some believe that we are entitled to divine healing if we are doing all we can to live in God's will. Taking part in every church service, teaching Sunday school, and serving on the board does not mean that God will intervene in his or her behalf. In that case, Christians would never die! Questions about the faith of the person the church is praying for creates a negative image to those who are seeking healing and the unconditional love that is promised by God.

Prayers for crumbling marriages, emotional and mental health, and physical illnesses have not been answered immediately. Does that mean God is not listening to those he loves? Not at all! Our bodies will eventually break down and we will die, marriages will break apart because one or both partners is not listening to God's voice, and emotional problems may be caused by a chemical imbalance in our body. Many churches and spiritual groups have seen times when marriages are put together again but not for years! It does happen; God just said, "Wait a while." They may never know the reason they had to go through that particular trial. It could give hope and peace to others who are beginning to go through the same crisis. People have grown spiritually while they are watching others trust in God despite illness and problems in their life.

Spiritual events (The Olympian)
• Special worship service with "Best Friends": 11 a.m. Sunday, The Lacey Community Church, 4501 19th Ave. S.E., Lacey. "Best Friends," a group of people who share African American cultural traditions through music, dramatic presentation and testimony, will lead worship. Call 360-491-1741.

Faith and Spiritual Life: Programs and Events (Everett Herald)
Community Impact Dinner: 5:30 p.m. Saturdays. Life Changes Ministry, 2532 Virginia Ave., Everett. 425-252-6484. Dinner at the Bell: 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Everett First Presbyterian Church, 2936 Rockefeller Ave., Everett. 425-259-7139.

Center celebrates natural healing (University of New Mexico Daily Lobo)
Kalpulli Izkalli, a center for natural healing, held its third annual Traditional Medicine and Healing Gathering on Saturday. Natural and traditional healers from across the country gathered at the Westside Community Center to participate in healing exercises.

Rita Avila fuming mad at "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho" staff (PEP)
Her spiritual healing under Fr. Fernando Suarez, a Filipino revered as a healing priest from Canada, is what keeps actress Rita Avila grounded these days.

Spiritual events (The Olympian)
• Special worship service with "Best Friends": 11 a.m. Sunday, The Lacey Community Church, 4501 19th Ave. S.E., Lacey. "Best Friends," a group of people who share African American cultural traditions through music, dramatic presentation and testimony, will lead worship. Call 360-491-1741.

Mind set: Of body and soul 7 Sep 2008, 0905 hrs IST (The Times of India)
Since each of us is a physical and spiritual being at the same time, everything in our life has a physical and a spiritual aspect to it. Even those things that seem simply physical in nature, such as our bodies, are in truth also spiritual.

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