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Dealing With Suffering
Where is God when we are suffering? Many people have asked that question. When God created us he made us perfect until sin was brought into the world. When sin was introduced, suffering followed. It is no longer a perfect world and we can all expect some suffering in our lives. Why is it that some people seem to suffer more than others? Why do some people have to endure constant pain and slow death from cancer? Why do Christian marriages break apart and cause suffering for adults and...

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Reiki What Is It and How Does It Work

The Japanese developed Reiki as a technique for stress reduction and to promote healing. "Laying on the hands" is what drives Reiki. An unseen life force energy flows through all of our bodies and when that energy is low then stress is more apparent and if it is high we feel capable of handling almost everything that comes our way. Reiki is taken from two Japanese words that mean Wisdom or Higher Power and spiritually guided life force energy.

Patients report when they are finished with Reiki treatment they experience a wonderful glow of radiance. This treatment works through the whole body and creates feelings of peace, security, and confidence. It is a natural and safe way of treating your body and emotions with spiritual healing. Reiki has been proven to be effective with all known illnesses and emotional problems. It was developed to compliment other medical treatment or psychotherapy. It has no side effects and promotes recovery.

Reiki is a simple technique to learn and Reiki classes are widely available. The treatment is not linked to a person's intellect and people from all walks of life can be trained to become a Reiki healer. A healer is taught to tap into an unlimited supply of energy for promoting good health and quality of life. You can be a Reiki healer regardless of your background or education.

Reiki is not a religion but the treatment is spiritual in nature. Healing will occur without a belief in God although most healers find that keeping in touch with God or their Higher Power increases their healing powers. Reiki promotes harmony with the world around them and their relationship with others. It is a natural means of healing which promotes peace and harmony. It adds spiritual balance to the person and works to heal the inner nature of the patients. The client must accept the healing for it to be effective and must take an active part in the treatment.

Reiki healers work by gently laying their hands on the patient or hovering a few inches above the body. Tuned into their own spiritual and life energy, they are able to find or "sense" where the problem is in the patient's body. They will concentrate their energy on that area while the patient concentrates on the same area of their body. The practice of Reiki will aid in healing emotional problems as well as physical healing. Reiki healers believe as many other spiritual healers that turmoil and stress in the emotions can make your body physically sick. Reiki may be used in hospitals with medical treatment and can be a complementary practice to aid in a faster recovery time after an illness or surgery.

More information on the practice of Reiki can be found on the Internet. You can access magazines, articles, newsletters, and seek Reiki treatment on many of these sites. One site that is a good source of information is .

'Faith Healing' Under Fire: Law Cracks Down (ABC News)
16-year-old allegedly rejected medical treatment; case highlights faith healing.

India to get first female Roman Catholic saint (USA Today)
India is expected to get its first female Roman Catholic saint on Sunday at a time when Christians have increasingly come under attack in the predominantly Hindu country.

Healing Arts: Physician's assistant make sculptures that visualize strength, reduce stress (The Daily News)
Jeff Jolly has developed a new tool for working with patients: metaphor. The Longview physician’s assistant finds that the sculptures he makes in his off hours can have a healing effect on people who are sick.

Spiritual healing threatening adherence to antiretrovirals in Uganda, official says (News-Medical-Net)
Unverified spiritual healing promoted by some churches throughout Uganda is threatening HIV-positive patients' adherence to antiretroviral drugs, Robert Ochai, executive director of The AIDS Support Organisation, said recently during the organization's 17th annual general meeting, Uganda's Monitor reports.

Parents charged in faith healing case (ABC 13 Houston)
The death of a 16-year-old rejecting medical treatment highlights spiritual healing laws

Parents charged in faith healing case (ABC 13 Houston)
The death of a 16-year-old rejecting medical treatment highlights spiritual healing laws

A photographer finds her personal path to healing in the silent solace of Manchac swamp (New Orleans Times-Picayune)
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