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Spiritual Healing for Infertility
Healing is one of the most widely practiced methods of alternative medicine. It is widely mentioned in writings from ancient Sumerian, Chinese, and Egyptian writings. Healing is well documented in both the Old and New Testament. Healing is practiced regularly in every culture around the world. Spiritual healing suggests that healing occurs with a spiritual awareness of a Higher Power. Faith healing is a term used by some evangelical Christians but that term suggests visions of shouting...

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Mantras and Spiritual Healing

Studies have been conducted to find out if mantras are an important part of spiritual healing. Those who used a word or short phrase they were comfortable with to meditate and help the body to relax. Catholics were asked to use "Hail Mary", Jews used "Shalom" and Protestants used the first line of the Lord's Prayer. Although there is no magic in saying a few words it did work well relaxing the body and stimulating healthy physiological changes in the body. The Doctor who conducted the study had others use one word or phrase without spiritual meaning. They found that those who people did not stick with the program by using mantras without meaning. Those who used spiritual words did stick with the program because of their deep belief in a Higher Power. It has been proven that mantras will only work if the person has an unqualified faith in their God. They will have a spiritual commitment, devotion, and deep faith in their spiritual life. A deep spirituality may be necessary before a person can receive the full benefits of a spiritual healing.

Spiritual belief and healing is a benefit that will transform your life. The most important change is the person will have a deep personal spiritual commitment to their God. They have a transformed life and this growth in spirituality will affect the whole being, body, mind, and spirit. This gives the person an unshakable trust and faith that scientists call "intrinsic belief."

People who experience a spiritual awakening have received major turnarounds in their emotional and physical health. A faith in God gave them hope, courage, and faith as they follow through with emotional and physical healing. They are given a deep sense they are not alone in the universe and they have a resource for guidance and support. They know beyond a shadow of a doubt there is guidance and support during dark times of discouragement and confusion.

Developing the spiritual part of the human nature can result in peace, joy, and emotional stability. God can give the moral courage it takes to follow through a difficult recovery program or rehabilitation from a serious injury. The 12 Step Programs rely heavily on prayer and dependence on a Higher Power and that has given many people the courage to kick addictions, stop drinking, and other personal problems. These programs often address the person with the addiction, the family members, and those who might have been children of alcoholics or drug addicts. The 12-Step program has successfully been used to treat those who were obese and unable to lose weight in other ways.

Spiritual healing does not depend on a mantra, but spiritual mantras can help a person to be calm, reduce anxiety, and allow positive feelings to flow through and heal their body and spirit. The Eastern religions have used mantras to help calm the body and spirit to promote relaxation and allow for meaningful prayer and meditation. They find they are more relaxed and have less stress after achieving a spiritual peace.

Christian Science practitioner to lecture (The Springfield News-Leader)
The Christian Science church in Springfield will sponsor a lecture by Michael Pabst titled "Finding Your Spiritual Self-Worth -- Security and Supply in Uncertain Times."

Parents charged in faith healing case (ABC 13 Houston)
The death of a 16-year-old rejecting medical treatment highlights spiritual healing laws

Christian Science practitioner to lecture (The Springfield News-Leader)
The Christian Science church in Springfield will sponsor a lecture by Michael Pabst titled "Finding Your Spiritual Self-Worth -- Security and Supply in Uncertain Times."

Unabomber's brother in Missoula to oppose death penalty (Billings Gazette)
David Kaczynski says his efforts to abolish the death penalty were born of the same moral sense he had 12 years ago, when he first suspected his brother might be the person law enforcement called the Unabomber.

Writer gives a stand-up twist to spiritual message (The News-Press)
It's fairly easy to coax a laugh out of someone if you rattle off some choice expletives or an off-color joke.

Spiritual healing threatening adherence to antiretrovirals in Uganda, official says (News-Medical-Net)
Unverified spiritual healing promoted by some churches throughout Uganda is threatening HIV-positive patients' adherence to antiretroviral drugs, Robert Ochai, executive director of The AIDS Support Organisation, said recently during the organization's 17th annual general meeting, Uganda's Monitor reports.

Failed faith healing kills another youngster (The Columbus Dispatch)
OREGON CITY, Ore. -- A couple who tried to heal their gravely ill son with prayer surrendered to authorities last week after they were indicted by a grand jury on charges of criminally negligent homicide.

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