Eating to Prevent Impotence

Eating a healthy well-balanced diet is essential for good health. Although most people eat well to feel good and lose weight, a healthy diet can also help boost your sexual life. Certain foods have always been thought of as aphrodisiacs (chocolate comes to mind), but eating well can do more than just stir up your sexual interest. Eating well can provide you with greater energy, stamina, and can help relieve stress that is often at the heart of sexual impotence. Here are some guidelines that can help you choose a healthy diet for greater sexual health and maximum potency.

If there is one food you should consider integrating into your diet for greater sexual health, it is garlic. Garlic is remarkable because of its numerous health benefits. Garlic is a proven immune booster, antiseptic, and believe it or not, an aphrodisiac. Because of its versatility, garlic can be prepared as part of many dishes. However, for maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that you eat it raw. Preferably two or three cloves of raw garlic each day are recommended. If this sounds impossibly distasteful to you, simply chop them up finely and mix them into a salad vinaigrette or add them to a sandwich. Another food that is related to garlic and which is said to provide similar benefits is onion. Onion, like garlic, is thought to help improve the libido and overall sexual health. White onions are though to be the most effective variety.

Certain vegetables have also been singled out as part of an impotence-fighting diet. Carrots are thought to be particularly helpful in increasing a man's sexual stamina. It is recommended that 150 grams of carrots be consumed as part of a daily diet. Another vegetable that is thought to have aphrodisiac properties is asparagus. The dried roots of asparagus has been prepared for centuries and consumed as aphrodisiacs by some tribes.

Dried dates and raisins are also thought to contain several important impotence-fighting properties. Both are high in fiber and fuel the body with sustained energy. Black raisins have been singled out for their aphrodisiac properties. It is recommended that dried raisins and dates be consumed with nuts, such as almonds, pistachio, and walnuts. These provide an extra boost of protein that works well with the high fiber found in dried fruit.

Ginger is one of the most popular herbs that are used to cure the symptoms of sexual impotence. It has been used for many years to treat a myriad of ailments, including impotency and premature ejaculation. For the best results, squeeze the ginger to extract its juice, and take roughly half a teaspoon every night for at least three weeks.

Other general food guidelines for greater sexual health include increasing your consumption of fresh fruit. Eating fresh fruit on a regular basis can help fight free radicals in your body. Whey protein may also be helpful in increasing energy, stamina and endurance. Finally, avoid excess caffeine and alcohol, as these are known culprits that can sabotage your sexual energy.

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