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  • Hepatitis information
    Those with chronic Hepatitis C eventually develop liver damage in the form of cirrhosis of the liver.

  • Dealing with Emotions
    Many people when they are first diagnosed with the Hepatitis C virus, also known as HCV, go through...

  • Hepatitis C and Dating
    What can you do if you have the Hepatitis C virus and want to have a normal loving relationship?

  • Hepatitis C and HIV
    Unfortunately a high percentage of those affected with HIV are also infected with the Hepatitis C virus.

  • Hepatitis C and Senior Citizens
    What happens when the Hepatitis C virus is found in someone who is a senior citizen?

  • Treatment Options
    Once a person has had the diagnosis confirmed that they are infected with Hepatitis C ...

  • Hepatitis C Facts
    The odd thing about Hepatitis C is that while you might have it you may not know you have it.

  • How can you contract
    At one time, before 1990, the most common way that Hepatitis C was spread to others was believed...

  • Hepatitis C and Pregnancy
    If a woman has Hepatitis C virus, also know as HCV, this will not prevent her for becoming pregnant.

  • Progression of Hepatitis C
    Hepatitis C, a serious infection that is passed between people only by blood-to-blood contact was only given...

  • Hepatitis C and Children
    Unfortunately not enough is known about children with Hepatitis C because researchers and physicians have a...