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The odd thing about Hepatitis C is that while you might have it you may not know you have it.  Sometimes the symptoms take years to show up. While other times the symptoms of this infection will show within six to eight months. If it's the acute type someone then the first symptoms are usually nausea, dark urine, and unending tiredness. Of the people who have acute Hepatitis C twenty five percent will completely recover with the proper treatment.  Unfortunately the other seventy five percent will have it permanently. This is called chronic Hepatitis C.

Chronic Hepatitis C is a confusing disease. Some people will have the infection but it will have no affect on them at all. It will remain inactive for years, potentially as long as ten years, before there are any symptoms.  There will also be no obvious signs of liver damage if the infection lays dormant. These people may only find out they have Hepatitis C because of blood work done during a yearly check-up.
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Dealing with the Emotions of Hepatitis C
Many people when they are first diagnosed with the Hepatitis C virus, also known as HCV, go through several emotional states. They are frequently angry, wanting to know why such a terrible illness has befallen them.

Hepatitis C and Dating
What can you do if you have the Hepatitis C virus and want to have a normal loving relationship? Dating in this day and age is difficult enough but dating when you have the Hepatitis C virus can be even tougher.

Hepatitis C and HIV
Unfortunately a high percentage of those affected with HIV are also infected with the Hepatitis C virus. It is believed that nearly forty percent of HIV sufferers also have HCV.  This is because...

Hepatitis C and Senior Citizens
What happens when the Hepatitis C virus is found in someone who is a senior citizen? First of all its not always easy to diagnose Hepatitis C virus, HCV, because so many of the symptoms...

Hepatitis C Treatment Options
Once a person has had the diagnosis confirmed that they are infected with Hepatitis C there are treatment options that must be considered. At one time it was believed that if the infection was still ...

Hepatitis C Facts
The odd thing about Hepatitis C is that while you might have it you may not know you have it.  Sometimes the symptoms take years to show up. While other times the symptoms of this infection will show within six to eight months.

How Can Hepatitis C Be Contracted?
At one time, before 1990, the most common way that Hepatitis C was spread to others was believed to be by tainted blood used in transfusions. But then the medical community found a way to test blood for the HCV infection

If a Woman has Hepatitis C Can She Have a Baby?
If a woman has Hepatitis C virus, also know as HCV, this will not prevent her for becoming pregnant. But there are issues to consider if a woman knows she has hepatitis and wants to have a child.

The Curious Progression of Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C, a serious infection that is passed between people only by blood-to-blood contact was only given its official name in 1989. Before that, as scientists were trying to determine if it was different from...

The Hepatitis C Virus in Children
Unfortunately not enough is known about children with Hepatitis C because researchers and physicians have a difficult time tracking down children who suffer from this terrible infection.

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Hepatitis can cause permanent liver damage and even kill. Some forms of Hepatitis stay with you for life. Hepatitis A and B can be passed on sexually, and gay men are particularly at risk. But there are safe and effective vaccines that can protect from infection.

Saint Peter's University Hospital will hold its next Hepatitis Support Group on Oct. 15. The group meets on the third Wednesday of each month, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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