Looking After Your Hair, and Avoiding Irretrievable Damage

Trust me, hair loss can be devastating to self-esteem and morale.  With your appearance significantly depleted, anyone can feel isolated, or abnormal without their full head of hair.  It is easy to think people are staring at you or laughing at you, and it is so often to find patients in a state of depression or deep unhappiness.  But there are ways you can avoid hair loss, by looking after your body, and looking after your hair.  The problem with hair loss is that it can occur at any time in any patient, and can have drastic emotional results.  Because stress is a cause of hair loss, and also a result of hair loss, this can give rise to a vicious cycle, which can ultimately lead to further hair loss problems for patients, so it is important to minimise your risk and susceptibility to these conditions as far as possible.

Firstly, the best idea for looking after your hair is to minimise the amount of time you spend with the hair dryer or straighteners.  These high temperatures you are exposing to your hair cause significant damage and make hair easier to lose.  Additionally, the use of chemical process such as perms damages your hair, making it dryer and more brittle which can ultimately lead to increased hair loss during times of stress.  Furthermore, these processes can irretrievably damage your hair, meaning damage until your hair re-grows which can take a considerable time.

Secondly, the use of shampoos and conditioners is beneficial in ensuring your hair and scalp are clean.  This helps prevent infections which can ultimately cause itching and hair loss, and can thin your hair as well as making life generally uncomfortable.  Additionally, if you have dandruff, you should take great care to seek treatment, and ensure that this is not the cause of your future hair loss.

By treating your hair badly, you will end up with hair loss resulting from damage to the scalp.  To counteract this, reverse these processes to try and stimulate the regeneration of the natural growth cycle. Particular vitamin and mineral problems can also be responsible in certain cases, although if you are unsure of the most effective remedies, it is always beneficial to consult your doctor.

Although beneficial for anyone, a balanced diet and course of exercise is critical for those suffering from hair loss.  This will help redress any imbalance or deficiency, and hopefully go towards naturally strengthening the hair and improving its overall condition.   If you are at all unsure about the symptoms you are experiencing, or would like further information on preventative and treatment measures, consult your physician who will be better equipped to diagnose and prescribe effective treatments.  He will also advise on the most suitable ways to manage your hair and its styling to prevent the irretrievable damage which could cause your hair loss, and leave you feeling low in self confidence and low in self esteem.  There are measures you can take, so take the time to research them - you might be surprised about the damage you are doing to your hair each and every day.

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