The Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss in patients can be caused by a range of various factors.  From genetic pre-disposition through to infection of the scalp, or more serious underlying conditions, excessive hair loss can occur for a vast number of reasons.  In fact, it is common for everyone to lose around a hundred hairs every day through brushing and other contact with the hair, as well as those which naturally fall each and every day.  Additionally, in times of stress, we see increasing numbers of hair lost from the scalp as our bodies try to deal with difficult situations.

It is commonplace for those undergoing surgery to face an excessive amount of hair loss up to three to four months after surgery, or after a major illness, which is a temporary effect of the stress of recovering from such.  This type of hair loss is soon quick to turn around, and resume the normal cycle of hair growth after the stressful element, that is the recovery period, is over.  Additionally, in some patients the cause of their excessive hair loss may be hormonal, particularly as a result of abnormal activity in the thyroid glands.  Disease of the thyroid can be treated, and this may be the cause of hormonal inequalities within either male or female patients, of any age.  As soon as the disease is treated, normal hair growth patterns should resume unless there are further causes of the patient's specific condition responsible for their hair loss.  Again, the hormonal impact on hair loss can be seen in pregnant women, who commonly see hair loss after their pregnancy.  This is the result of excess retention of hair during pregnancy, which would otherwise fall out if it wasn't for specific hormonal properties.  As the hormonal balance returns to normal after the pregnancy, these hairs fall out as part of the ordinary hair growth cycle, causing the hair loss many pregnant women suffer.

It is also not uncommon for the cause of hair loss to lie in the unwanted properties of some other drug or medication, used to treat a completely separate condition.  Birth control pills and antidepressants can cause symptoms of hair loss, as well as chemotherapy treatment for cancer, and excessive vitamin A content in the body. If this is the case, it is advisable to consult the physician responsible and ask for an alternative medication or some form of treatment to help dampen these effects.  Additionally, infections of the follicles or scalp can cause hair loss, although again these are easily treated with selective medication.

Hair loss may also be an early symptom of some far more serious condition.  It is for this reason that it is vital to consult your doctor immediately to report any sudden or unexpected hair loss.  Hair loss is often an indication of diabetes or lupus, which benefit from early diagnosis and treatment, so it is important to visit your doctor without delay to help understand the root cause of your hair loss.

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