Alopecia Areata: The Condition, Its Symptoms and Effective Treatment

Hair loss of any form is a cause for concern.  For a variety of reasons, hair loss can be seen as emotionally stressful, and can lead to degrees of discomfort and unhappiness in sufferers.  If you are worried about your hair loss, it is a good idea to consult a physician for more information on the various forms the condition can take.

One specific form of hair loss is known as Alopecia Areata, or patchy hair loss.  Also known as spot baldness, it can also further extend throughout the body to cause hair loss of the eyebrows, eyelashes and other bodily hair.  It is thought that the underlying cause of this condition is the bodies rejection of hair as foreign, which induces suppression through the regular immune system mechanisms.  The condition is primarily considered hereditary, and there is some research into the potential impact of stress on this serious hair loss condition.  Alopecia Areata most commonly takes effect in the early twenties, perhaps even in the later teenage years.  Mostly impacting the scalp, the condition can take effect anywhere on the body, and can result in a great deal of emotional distress for sufferers.  It is also possible for the condition to take effect on the finger nails which can again be emotionally distressing for patients.  For effective diagnosis, it is important to consult a physician, who can work towards eliminating the possibility of further, more serious conditions.  He can also recommend suitable corrective treatment to try to reverse the effects of this form of hair loss.

Treatment for this form of hair loss is usually unsuccessful, with the most common cause of reversal of symptoms being completely natural.  This is the case where the hair loss is primarily as a result of natural imbalances in hormones, or some other reason which is generally temporary.  There is an increasing level of research into treatments for the condition, and the full impact of existing treatments is also under scrutiny to ensure levels of effectiveness are maintained and further developed.

The main effects of alopecia areata lie in the emotional distress it induces in most of its sufferers.  Having said that, there are also links with various allergies, as well as the increased likelihood of sun damage and other by-products of having less hair.  Having said that, the most effective short term treatments are in the form of disguises, such as hats or wigs, which are ever increasing in quality, and treatment for the consequent higher instances of allergic reactions.

Understandably, hair loss is a concerning symptom for those suffering from it.  If you are in that situation, consult your physician to elaborate on the potential causes and impact of hair loss on your body.  He will also be competent to diagnose any more complex conditions, and offer treatments to try to suppress the symptoms you will be experiencing.  This will also be beneficial to allay any concerns you may have as to the root cause of your hair loss, as well as allow treatment for serious conditions to take place immediately where necessary.

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