HPV Vaccine -The Controversy

There's a new medical treatment in the works that may prove to be effective in preventing a host of cases of cervical cancer across the world. It would save numerous lives and cause the emotions of many to be effectively lifted from a stressor that has plagued generation after generation of humanity. But there is some political controversy being undertaken about this new HPV vaccine. In this article, we'll give you a basic idea of the genital wart vaccine that is currently developed and the roadblocks that it is facing in the present.

Known as Gardasil, the new HPV vaccine that has been developed proves to decrease the rate of genital wart infection across the world. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a subset of the Center for Disease Control has voted unanimously regarding the fact that this new vaccine should be administered to young women between the ages of 11 and 12. Since genital warts can lead to the development of cervical cancer in women, there's no wonder that a vaccine has been created to curb this deadly problem. While the genital warts themselves are largely harmless, this greater problem is causing much dismay to females around the world. So a vaccine to prevent this disease from occurring should be heralded as a godsend. That's not to say that the vaccine does not have its detractors, however.

Conservative groups across America have been condemning the idea of making this vaccine mandatory. They do this on moral grounds, stating that by giving our children less risks regarding having sex, we are giving them more of an incentive to engage in risky behavior. While the standpoint is held by a minority, their influence may still have a profound effect on the women of the world. Since the guidelines for mandatory vaccines are set on a state-by-state basis, there is a chance that the hpv vaccine may not be made mandatory in some states across the nation. And the problem doesn't stop there. In order to vaccinate someone under the age of 18, doctors need to have the express permission of the child's parents or caretaker. In right-winged conservative families, the attitude of 'abstaining from sex until marriage' may cause these girls to be disallowed from getting the vaccine.

While the controversy is one with two sides, it's clear that genital warts infections are a problem across the United States and elsewhere that could be solved with a simple new method.  All religious beliefs and moral guidelines aside, the problem is one that we must face united as a nation. To make the vaccine mandatory for some while laying others by the wayside only puts those not vaccinated at a disadvantage. The refusal of medical treatment on a moral ground is one that is foolhardy to those who care for and respect the health and well-being of their children. While everyone has the right to their own opinion, genital warts is a problem that we've been faced with for centuries, and it's one that we finally have the opportunity to solve. All that it takes is a full understanding and a bit of responsibility on the part of parents across the world.

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