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Trying Therapy for Depression

Often medication isn't enough to counter the dreadful feelings of sadness and desolation felt by the person suffering an episode of depression. The medications may allow for a restoring of chemical imbalances that are at the root of the problem, but they won't always be enough to allow the patient to restore their lives after being hit with an episode. This is especially true if it's the first episode the patient experiences. There is so much to understand based on what the person is experiencing that the only answer is to turn to a physiologist or physiatrist to get some help.

Many people are uncomfortable talking to a stranger about things in their lives that are difficult. Many people who suffer from depression object to being put into this position. They feel that the reasons for the depression are chemical unbalances and that all they require is medication that can realign these balances and then they should be left alone. It is definitely the medication, especially in a situation of crisis, which will help to put the patient suffering from depression back into a position of dealing with their lives.

Psychotherapy can actually be a real help to those who are having a depressive episode. Those feelings of sadness, aloneness and failure, whether prompted by an imbalance or not, can be helped if they're talked out. Sometimes the depressive episode occurs because of an event in a person's life. These can be anything from a job problem, being fired or laid off, to a relationship break-up, the death of a close friend or family member, or an illness. No matter what it is the councilor can help to deal with the problem instead of allowing it to sit and fester, causing more pain by keeping it in than talking to someone who is willing to listen and hopefully help ease the pain.

Choosing a therapist who will be a good fit is probably the hardest part. Even if someone you know speaks highly of a therapist you may not feel comfortable talking to them. Patient and therapist need to click so do not be afraid of taking a little time to find the one right for you. The gender of the therapist may be very important if you'll be talking about intimate details of your life.

There are many types of therapy and that will be another topic of discussion. Do you need supportive therapy where the therapist listens to your issues and tries to help you sort them out? Or would behavior therapy, where they try to help you modify some of the more destruct behaviors you have, be a better fit. Cognitive therapy can help a person feel better about him or herself. There is also family therapy. If you feel that the root of your depression lies in your relationships with your family then seeing them all together could help sort some of these feelings through helping the patient feel more loved and wanted by their own family.

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