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Trying Relaxation Therapy to help with Depression

Another method of fighting depression, though still somewhat controversial, is relaxation therapy. This does not eliminate depression but it has been noted to diminish some of the more difficult and confused feelings. Some health care providers worry about the use of this method while others will accept anything that brings even momentary relief to their patients. This is not a technique that replaces the depressive's medications but is used more to augment the feeling of strength and contentment that it is hoped come from lifting the veil of depression. Relaxation therapy can help if done properly.

First, let us look at the process. The person ready to begin their first entry into relaxation therapy must choose a quiet, semi dark place to begin. They do not want to be distracted by light or noise. Whatever they are dressed in should be very comfortable and loose fitting rather than body hugging. Then they must choose a position, which can be either sitting or lying down. Once all of this has been done they should close their eyes, put their hands on their ribcage and begin breathing slowly. As they are breathing they should feel the gentle movement of their ribcage beneath their hands. After practicing these breathing techniques for a few minutes it is time to move on. The hands should now be placed on the person's lap with their palms down. At no point should this deep relaxed breathing stop.

Next the person should begin to picture a place. This place can be anywhere. It can be a beach, a favorite room, and a view seen in a photo or by the creek once walked as a child. This place can be anywhere that will make the person feel relaxed. Once the place has been chosen the person should picture himself or herself there. They must then think about how good they feel in that place. They must continue to establish that thought in their minds. They then spend some time being in their special place, feeling good about it. Then they need to think about leaving this place knowing they can return anytime they want.

At this point the relaxation therapy session is over. It has given the person a place to go to relax and to feel renewed. Now all they need to do is find a place to sit quietly and close their eyes to return to this special place. That is the beauty of relaxation therapy you needn't have anyone tell you when or where to relax. You do it when you want.

Relaxation therapy is not for everyone. Some health care providers feel that those who are severely depressed will gain no benefits from it at all and may even find that not being able to physically get to their special place will depress the patient even more. On the other hand many depressives find the technique relaxes them giving them a hint of improved mood and any improvement is a welcome step to feeling better.

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