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There are more causes of depression than most people think. Aside from the standard ones that everyone is aware of like hormone deficiencies, a diet heavy in omega-3 acids, seasonal changes in sunlight or ups and downs of bipolar disorder there are many other things that can cause a person to suffer from depression.

Bad experiences early in life can linger with a person for the rest of their days. Depending on how bad these events were they could cause a deep depression. These poor early experiences can include loss of a parent at an early age, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, neglect or even chronic illness as a child. Those who suffer such trying times in their early lives often have a battle with depression as the age. These same people, or others in society, may find that in their adult lives they have other demons to fight. Depression can also be caused by divorce; death of a child, partner, parent or close friend especially of this death was not an easy one. Loosing ones job, have a gambling, drug or alcohol problem can also cause a depressive period. Loneliness can be a terrible problem and definitely can cause a depressive episode. Sometimes the workplace is not a good one and the stress from that or of looking for a new job can be a depression trigger.

There are some medical conditions that by their terrible toll on the person's physical condition can cause depression. Usually these are serious illnesses like cancer, hepatitis, or brain damage to name just a few. Often it is dealing with a serious medical condition that causes the depressing but it can sometimes be a side effect of the medications needed to combat them. Some medications that a person requires daily can be a trigger. This includes a very common medication that is taken by women the world over, birth control pills. A serious injury can also be a reason for a person to become depressed.

Alcohol finds itself in an odd place when it comes to discussing its place in a depressive episode. Researchers are not certain if the use of alcohol causes the depression or is it the depression that causes the use of alcohol. This goes for the use of tranquilizers, sleeping pills and illicit drugs as well. It remains unclear what the use of these mood enhancers is. Do they help the problem or cause the problem? Those suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, also called PTSD, suffer because of some event or events that have occurred in their lives that they are unable to deal with. This disorder is often accompanied by feelings of depression.

Sadly, one trigger of a depressive episode is living with someone who is a depressive. The day to day anxiety, high maintenance care and daily disruption to a normal life has been known to cause the caregiver to become so overburdened, so stressed at the lack of normalcy that they too suffer an period of depression.

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