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Circadian Rhythm Disorder Can Cause Depression

There are some people who feel that the main thing behind depression is an upset of the body's circadian rhythms. The belief is that with the way modern man lives the lifestyle we have chosen our body clocks no longer run our bodies. We wake because our clock radios or cell phone alarms tell us to not because the sun has come up. We sleep because we have accomplished what we want for the day, not because the sun has set. We work indoors instead of spending our time outside where we, as humans, began. Due to this our bodies are not aligned right and so this unbalances the levels of hormones, neurotransmitters and other chemicals that are at the crux of the mood we are in. When these are out of balance a person will suffer from Circadian Rhythm Disorder.

Researchers have been studying this for a while now and agree that those who suffer from some types of depression can be made to feel better by making some lifestyle changes that will enhance their mood and lift their spirits. A well-balanced life that includes sunlight, sufficient sleep and good food will give a person a lot of energy and put them in a good mood. The ability to correct this disorder gives the sufferer the potential outlook of a healthy happy person.

To clarify it more circadian rhythms are what the body uses to manage appetite, vigor, rest, sexual arousal, and mood. So, when it is out of kilter the person suffers and what they deal with most is mood disorders, depression. The good thing is that this is a known issue and continued research has shown how to put the body back in balance. Studies have proven that realigning the circadian rhythms of the body can help to sweep away depression.

The study of the body's circadian rhythms is a real science that has been around since the eighteen hundreds. It was studied in earnest beginning in the 1960s as more evidence of the importance of the body's natural clock became apparent. The science that studies this is called chronobiology. Studies show that when the body is out of balance it can cause depression, other mood disorders, sleep disorders, and eating disorders. By the 1980s the studies were taken even more seriously and it was becoming apparent to researchers that without this balance of light and dark, the hormones and natural body chemicals were not released properly and so were confusing the body's signals.

The outcome of a lot of this research is light therapy. This has proven to have very good results. People need more exposure to natural sunlight like we did before we built houses that blocked out natural light. Humans require more than can be given in the minutes between leaving the house and getting into the car. It's worth trying anything that can naturally realign the body and so naturally dispel an episode of depression even if it's a science that few have heard of.

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