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Bipolar Disorder Depression and Mania

Bipolar disorder, formerly know as manic depression, is another form of metal illness but this one has two sides to it. One side leaves the person suffering from severe depression while the other side gives them a feeling of manic high that makes them feel better then they could ever feel in a normal stage. Sadly those people who have bipolar disorder are likely to have to deal with more severe symptoms of depression than those who must deal with other types of depression. As well, despite the fact that bipolar disorder specifically means that there are two halves to the problem, they will still spend more of their time in the depressed state then in either the state of normal or mania.

Bipolar sufferers may have to deal with delusions of grandeur, possibly even believing that they have super powers. Sometimes they believe that they are responsible for bad things that happen to the important people in their lives or even to those that they merely pass by. They can have paranoid episodes and be certain that someone is out to get them even believing that there are listening devices in their homes or vehicles. Or perhaps it is aliens that they fear. No matter what is it is a frightening time for bipolar suffers.

If the bipolar sufferer is having a low episode without the paranoid delusions they might suffer extreme sadness, consider themselves unworthy, be irritable, angry or feel hopeless. They may have weight issues because of increased or decreased appetite. They often abuse drugs and/or alcohol. Like many depressives they may withdraw from family and friends feeling unable to cope with those they are normally close to. During this time their relationships may suffer badly, sometimes the damaged may be irreparable. Those suffering from bipolar disorder are more likely to lose productive work time, sometimes even lose their jobs because of being unable to handle the responsibility that only days before they had dealt with easily. If they are students their studies can also suffer as would be seen by grades that fall during a depressive episode. They are more likely to have troubled relationships, to require disability pensions or to kill themselves.

The manic side of bipolar disorder can also have some odd behaviors even during this feeling of incredible euphoria. It is a time of great confidence, often overconfidence, and can be compared to a feeling of artificial happiness.

Like other types of depression bipolar has no cure. But there are treatments that have shown much success. With a combination of medications and therapy people can live relatively normal lives with this disorder. It is when they are going through a manic or normal phase that trouble often comes as they decide that it is all okay and the medication is no longer necessary. This must be watched by those close to them to help ensure that they do not stop using their medications as this can often result in a major depressive episode.

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