Is cosmetic surgery for you?

Many people wonder about how common plastic surgery really is. Since the methods of performing plastic surgery have become more and more refined, you're less likely to realize when one has a plastic surgery operation. To that end, in this article, we'll be discussing some hard numbers that relate to plastic surgery so that you can understand exactly how prominent the procedures are.

- In the year of 1999 alone, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery noted that it's doctors and surgeons had performed almost 11.9 million cosmetic procedures. Of these procedures, 18 percent were surgical and the remaining 82 percent were non-surgical.
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Articles on cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery statistics
Many people wonder about how common plastic surgery really is. Since the methods of performing plastic surgery have become more and more refined, you're less likely to realize when one has a plastic surgery operation.

Abdominoplasty - all about the tummy tuck
When most people think about plastic surgery for removing fat deposits from around their midsection, they think of liposuction. However, liposuction is most often used for small deposits of fat localized around the body.

All about the face lift
You often hear about celebrities undergoing face lifts in order to keep their look of youth alive. The face can become weathered to the world, with gravity, sun exposure, and the daily problems that life throws at you all beginning to show on your face.

Basic information on Rhinoplasty
One of the most commonly sought-after forms of plastic surgery is the rhinoplasty. This surgery is used in order to make the nose of a person fit more aesthetically with the rest of their face.

Blepharoplasty: some basics on eyelid surgery
One type of plastic surgery that is extremely popular, yet not often talked about, is the blepharoplasty. This type of surgery is used to remove fat from the upper eyelids of a patient.

Choosing a plastic surgeon
Plastic surgery is a process that many people choose to undergo in order to change their physical appearance. Many of the plastic surgery options available are on the expensive side, and paying money is no guarantee that...

History of plastic surgery
Plastic surgery is a combination of surgical procedure and an art form that strives to improve the looks of an individual. While many believe that the term 'plastic' refers to the appearance of the individual undergoing the surgery changing to look...

Information about chemical peels
Chemical peels are a type of cosmetic surgery that you can undertake if you desire to improve the texture of the skin on and around your face. It's a common cosmetic procedure that is undergone by many, but...

The basics of breast augmentation
Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in women. Many find that an increase in breast size helps to give them much-needed confidence and for that reason, more and more women are...

What you need to know about liposuction
The presence of heavy deposits of fat in the midsection and elsewhere can be really unappealing from an aesthetic standpoint. Many people seek to alter their appearance by removing some of the fat present in their bodies, and to that end...


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2NE1′s Minzy made headlines earlier this month when she stepped out in public with a noticeably slimmer and more refined nose. Her new look sparked plastic surgery speculation, forcing her reps to release a statement denouncing the rumours. “Minzy�...
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Amerejuve MedSpa and Cosmetic Surgery has launched Amerejuve Rewards as a “frequent flyer” program for clients. Rewards include discounts and services, and the company plans to expand the available rewards soon. Houston, TX (PRWEB) November�...

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Holistic medicine is easy to comprehend, but holistic plastic surgery sounds simply oxymoronic. Yet a few doctors have taken on the label, saying seeking an enhancement involves the mind, body, and even soul. Holistic plastic surgeons use the same�...

You are, no doubt, aware of the enormous popularity of cosmetic surgery in South Korea. While public opinion on the procedures is still split, we definitely feel that, hey, it's your body, so do what you want! Nevertheless, it can be quite startling at ...
If you have ever considered fillers, Botox, or plastic surgery, but have been overwhelmed by the choices and decisions to make, a NipTuck Coach might be right for you. A medical matchmaker can help you with everything from understanding the options to�...

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Dr. Thomas D. Rees, an innovative New York plastic surgeon who helped found the Flying Doctors Service of East Africa, a charity that employs a fleet of small planes to provide medical care and save lives deep in the African bush, died on Nov. 14 at ...
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X Factor UK judge Louis Walsh and footballer Wayne Rooney have also had hair transplants, and chef and TV star Gordon Ramsey has had chin surgery, whilst tennis champ Boris Becker had a face lift. Male patients account for 10% of all cosmetic surgery...
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Before Kim Kardashian walks down the aisle with fiance Kanye West, she will sign a prenup with some weird conditions. Reportedly, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star's marriage agreement will involve a clause about plastic surgery, banning the�...
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Quite a few champagne bottles were popped Thursday night to celebrate the grand opening of Surgical Arts on State. The impressive facility will bring two cosmetic plastic surgery practices, a dermatology practice, and a fertility center under one roof ...

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Even though we have Doctor 90210 in America it looks like South Korea has several talented plastic surgeons who provide life changing looks for patients. According to a new report, a doctor from the country turned an "ugly" set of twins into beauties.
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