The basics of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in women. Many find that an increase in breast size helps to give them much-needed confidence and for that reason, more and more women are undergoing the surgery. In this article, we'll give you a basic idea of the types of breast augmentation surgeries that are performed so that you can better understand the various procedures' strengths and weaknesses.

One aspect of breast augmentation surgery that should be apparent to anyone who pays attention the news is the controversy surrounding silicon implants. These implants were used when breast augmentation surgery was first reaching the forefront of cosmetic procedures, and it has since been banned by the Food and Drug Administration due to the possibility of damage to the body that the implants may cause. However, there are many different types of implants that can be performed now which are much safer than silicon while still looking marvelously realistic. The cost of breast implants can vary to a large degree depending on what type of implants are used and the surgical method being employed. As of 2000, the average costs of a breast augmentation surgery rested at $3112. You may find breast implants for $2000, and you can find them costing upwards of $9000. For that reason, it's important to ensure that the surgeon performing the procedure is of the utmost talent and expertise.

The basic breast implant consists of a balloon-like sac that is filled with fluid in order to simulate the natural feel of the breast. The most commonly used fluid to fill the sac is saline, a type of sterile salt water which causes few complications. Patients can choose the size of the implant that they want to have, but surgeons may recommend to not go too big too soon, as to not cause stretching and damage to the natural breast. In the surgery, the sacs are most often inserted in the breast tissue and then inflated with the fluid. Some surgeons fill the sac with fluid before insertion, but it is not a common method of performing implants. There are two different basic sac shapes that one may select when getting breast implants: round and contoured. Round implants are the most commonly used, with the sac being uniformly round and adding the most to the mass of the breast. Contoured implants are more tear-shaped, and are used to more closely mimic the look of a natural breast. Another type of implant that is available although not commonly used is the expandable saline implant. This implant is placed via an incision in the armpit, and it is installed with a tube connecting from the implant to a hole in the patient's armpit. In this way, surgeons can slowly increase the size of the implant in order to allow the patient's body to adapt more readily to the surgery. After the patient is happy with the size of their implant, the tube connected to the implant can be removed.

Now that you know more about the basics of a breast implant surgery, you can better understand the different types of procedures and can hopefully make a better decision regarding what you choose to have performed on yourself.

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