Can Cellulite Actually Be Prevented?

The sad truth about cellulite is that it cannot be prevented. Women of all ages, races, heights, and weights can fall victim to cellulite around the thighs, stomach, and arms. Cellulite is a build-up of fatty cells underneath the skin. Even though weight lose can make the affects of cellulite much less noticeable, these fatty cells are not caused by overeating or lack of exercise. More popular in women because of thinner skin, cellulite develops over time as we age. Men are susceptible to cellulite also, but it usually appears in very old age and oftentimes not in as many areas on the body.

Maintaining a healthy diet of vegetables and other vitamins and minerals which keep the skin supple and elastic are the only ways to help reduce the effects of cellulite. This is a very good reason to quit smoking, drinking, and sun bathing all of which dry out the skin and can cause premature aging. Once the skin has tightened it is very difficult to regain past elasticity. Using moisturizer every day as well as sun block will help the skin remain youthful. Proper skin maintenance will help the effects of cellulite. It may not prevent cellulite from appearing, but it will not be as noticeable.

There are many creams and lotions on the market these days which claim to help make cellulite disappear. This sadly is not the case. Even though the appearance of cellulite is diminished, if the lotions are not used continuously, cellulite will return. Also, creams cannot help prevent the formation of cellulite and should be used as a sun block. Injections which contain small amounts of caffeine are being used to help reduce the size of individual cellulite pockets. Thus far, nothing has been documented that says this type of treatment will work or that it has long term results. The best defense will always be diet and exercise.

Massage therapy has become popular these days as a way to reduce cellulite. Even though massage therapy is a much less expensive alternative to caffeine injections, liposuction, and buying mass amounts of creams and lotions, this form of therapy is not a proven method of cellulite reduction or prevention. Although a deep tissue massage is good for anyone who is under stress and needs to relax, do not believe that a massage every week will erase cellulite. Massage therapy can also be expensive over time.

Preventing cellulite is not possible for now. Knowing whether a person will get cellulite as they age is one way to prepare oneself. Staying fit and enjoying life are the only ways to emotionally deal with a body that is changing over time. Aging happens to everyone. Being secure with oneself is important. Experimenting with creams, lotions, and massage therapy is not a bad idea. But hoping for a miracle cure is not a way to live ones life. Perhaps one day scientists will discover a gene that is the culprit for carrying cellulite. This discovery will lead to a cure. But for now, women will have to live with their cellulite.

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