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Cellulite is one of those annoyances of life that creeps up on you when you aren't looking.  You may not even notice its beginning and suddenly find yourself with a terrible case.  The good news is that you aren't alone in having cellulite. There are millions of people who have this skin occurrence.  Men, women, young, old, thin, and overweight can all have cellulite.  Experts have studied cellulite at length and discovered that there may be certain factors that contribute to you getting it.  However, there is no know cure, so all you can do is try to avoid falling into these factors when possible and deal with your cellulite the best way you know how.

Some experts claim that what you eat has an impact on whether or not you will get cellulite.  In fact, they feel that foods that are considered "toxins" to the body can be very present in the process of developing cellulite.  The foods include fried food, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar.  When your body consumes these types of foods, it immediately begins to attempt to get rid of them.  If you consume enough of them, you will be stuck with the after-effects, which some experts claim includes cellulite.  Water is also an issue that goes along with cellulite.  If you don't drink enough water, some think you will be at more of a risk for cellulite problems.  So, be sure you stay hydrated and drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
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Beauty Blahs Cellulite is on Almost Every Woman's Hit List
Cellulite is every woman's nightmare: pockets of fat that sit on the thigh or buttock area that resemble cottage cheese. It is the result of aging, of weight gain, and a side effect of child birth.

Beware of those Quickie Treatments for Cellulite - They Are Too Good to be True
In the battle against cellulite, there are hundreds of products and treatments that try to convince people that they will help end the problems of cellulite. These treatments and products are aiming at...

Body Wraps Keeping Cellulite Under Cover
While you may be aware of the concept of the body wrap to help cellulite look less pronounced, you may not know exactly what a body wrap is.  In fact, many people are terrified at the thought of being wrapped up like a mummy.

Can Cellulite Actually Be Prevented?
The sad truth about cellulite is that it cannot be prevented. Women of all ages, races, heights, and weights can fall victim to cellulite around the thighs, stomach, and arms. Cellulite is a build-up of fatty cells underneath the skin.

Cellulite knows no Boundaries - All Races and Backgrounds Can Get It
When it comes to cellulite, anyone can fall victim to it. People all over the world complain about cellulite. Though it mostly affects women, many men also report their disgust for cellulite on their bodies. Cellulite is not caused by poor diet and exercise.

Cosmetic Surgery Options for Cellulite Sufferers
Among the many options for cellulite sufferers are liposuction and endermology. Both procedures are considered cosmetic surgery and will only be performed by a plastic surgeon. These procedures incorporate suction...

Defining your Skin Tone when Cellulite is a Problem
When cellulite appears, it can make a women's body appear to be out of shape and lumpy especially around the thighs, buttocks, upper arms and other areas. This is a major problem for women who are active and who enjoy being outdoors in the sun...

Describing Cellulite The 411 on this Dimply Delight
If you are over the age of 20, you likely know exactly what cellulite is and what it looks like.  After all, women all over the world experience cellulite as they age.  In fact, even super models have come to the surface claiming they too have cellulite problems.

Detox Diets an Option for Saying Bye-Bye to Cellulite?
If you have read any information on diet and health, you have likely come across a few detox diet options.  Detox diets are beneficial to some people and are even thought to help reduce cellulite.

Causes of Cellulite - Can you prevent it from Happening?
Cellulite is one of those annoyances of life that creeps up on you when you aren't looking.  You may not even notice its beginning and suddenly find yourself with a terrible case.  The good news is that you aren't alone in having cellulite.

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CBS Local
BOSTON (CBS) – It's a cruel fact of life: about 75 percent of all women will develop cellulite, while men rarely get it at all. Many women will agree this is unfair while wishing they could change this situation. But that unsightly dimpled flesh is not ...

These four quick moves designed by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson tighten muscle fibers to eliminate the bumpy appearance of cellulite. For more moves from Tracy Anderson, pick up The Cosmo Bikini Diet book. 1. Lunge Kick. Begin in a lunge, with your ...

EIN News (press release)
BALTIMORE, Dec. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland (CSCMD) now offers the minimally invasive, FDA-cleared treatment for cellulite reduction, Cellulaze. This innovative laser technology targets the cause of cellulite ...

Toronto NewsFIX
If you ask any woman she can probably give you one of a hundred nicknames for this problem such as “cottage cheese thighs” and “orange peel skin.” Cellulite has been defined as an accumulation of toxic wastes within the connective tissues of the skin ...

PR Web (press release)
HowDoIGetGreatLegs.com, the best fitness source for women, recently held an interview with Female Fitness Expert Joey Atlas of TheTruthAboutCellulite.com. Joey has dramatically changed the way people address their unsightly cellulite in a no-gimmicks ...

Ibiza Spotlight
Having been introduced to the benefits of massage at a very young age, and then going on to run a highly successful practice in Paris for ten years, Frank certainly knows what he is doing and the oil used in these anti-cellulite massages, including the ...

Latino Post
If Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch is to be believed, he has invented a new product that is sure to be a hit among those with unwanted cellulite. He says his new styles made from "Beauty Denim" will actually help its wearers wear away at the ...

Medical Daily
Herchcovitch debuted the anti-cellulite jeans at his winter 2014 show in Fashion Rio, Rio de Janeiro's four-day-long fashion event, which wrapped up on Saturday. The designer claims to have developed the world's first pair of jeans that aim to target ...
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Daily Mail

New York Magazine
Every few months, there's a new cellulite-reducing trend. Drainage massages! Lasers! Weird fat-blasting creams! But a prevailing rumor over the past few years claims that caffeine helps decrease fat lumps under the skin, which are actually caused by ...
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The key to cutting cellulite isn't only in a workout, though. According to Dr. Kominiarek, "You can work out all you want, but when it comes to cutting cellulite, there are certain things you should eat." The next time you're at the store, pick up some ...

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