Describing Cellulite The 411 on this Dimply Delight

If you are over the age of 20, you likely know exactly what cellulite is and what it looks like.  After all, women all over the world experience cellulite as they age.  In fact, even super models have come to the surface claiming they too have cellulite problems.  So, as you can see, cellulite is not only reserved for overweight or older women and men, it affects people of all ages and sizes.  In fact, even girls much younger than 20 often have cellulite.   It is simply something that is difficult to get away from, no matter who you are or how beautiful you are. 

If you don't know what cellulite is, you can find out a lot about it by talking with your doctor or doing some simple research.  You will find that cellulite is often found in the thigh, stomach, or butt areas of the body.  It often makes your skin look lumpy and perhaps even resembles cottage cheese of sorts.  The technical definition of cellulite says it is a collection of fat that presses against the tissue under the skin.  The pressing of the fat can cause the skin to dimple. 

You may not be able to see cellulite very clearly.  Therefore, if you think you might have it, try looking at yourself in a full length mirror.  Often it only shows up when you are standing.  You can have it on the back of your thighs as well, which is harder to spot. 

Scientists have tried to pin point exactly what causes cellulite in women and men and have found that there are several things that determine if you may get cellulite and how much you might have overall.  Your genetic patterns have a great impact on the issue of cellulite.  If your mother has cellulite, you will likely have it as well.  Your gender, age, and your body fat percentage are also factors to look for.  In addition, the thickness of your skin layers can have a lot to do with whether or not you will develop cellulite. 

Often people with cellulite will try different approaches to try to get rid of it.  There are many different creams, medications, and treatments out there that claim to rid the body of cellulite.  However, the truth is that cellulite is not something that can really be cured.  These treatments may reduce the appearance of the dimples, but it won't keep them from showing up again in the future.

Even treatments like liposuction may not get rid of cellulite.  Liposuction typically removes the deep fat.  Cellulite is closer to the surface, making liposuction not always the best attack plan.  Overall, the best things you can do is learn to live with your cellulite.  If it bothers you that much, you should see your doctor to talk about treatment plans.  However, remember that nothing really cures cellulite so any efforts you make toward reducing the appearance are only temporary.  Also remember that there are millions of men and women with cellulite and that you can still be beautiful, cellulite and all!

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