Defining your Skin Tone when Cellulite is a Problem

When cellulite appears, it can make a women's body appear to be out of shape and lumpy especially around the thighs, buttocks, upper arms and other areas. This is a major problem for women who are active and who enjoy being outdoors in the sun for most of the day. They feel unattractive and fat. Cellulite is not caused by body fat, however. It does not matter how much a person eats or whether they exercise or not. Cellulite is genetic and will become a part of most people's lives at some point. But there are ways to define skin tone and help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

A proper diet will keep the skin youthful looking. Drinking plenty of water will help reduce dullness and wrinkling. Drinking water also helps a person's skin tone by allowing muscles to expand which will help cellulite look less puffy. Diets high in calcium and protein help the body remain active. When a person's skin looks radiant, they will feel better about themselves and people will not notice cellulite. Eating well will help a person get the most from their exercise routine.

Exercise is perhaps the best way for a person to deal with their cellulite and help reduce its impact on their lives. Exercise will help keep muscles tomes which will help even out the skin. Bumpiness will begin to disappear. Although not a cure for cellulite, exercise will help keep the body and the skin young. Leg exercises and running will help maintain strong thigh muscles. Without extra skin and body fat, cellulite will be less noticeable. By combining diet and an exercise routine that is carefully followed, cellulite will not be as big of an issue.

Other ways to build skin tone is massage therapy, mud baths, and stream bath treatments. These treatments can provide a limited amount of relief from cellulite, but will give the skin a healthy glow that can last up to two weeks. These treatments are more expensive to maintain, but for some women, these treatments have shown enough results to justify the cost. Massage therapy is not only beneficial for cellulite, but for stress in general. Being able to relax and focus on other areas of life is an important step for any woman who is embarrassed by cellulite. Overcoming this embarrassment is the key to living a healthy lifestyle.

Cellulite affects many women's lives in many different ways. Some women are more aware of their cellulite than others. Some women do not think cellulite is an issue, while others obsess about ridding themselves of it. The bottom line is that once a person has cellulite there is little they can do to reverse the affects. By eating properly and exercising daily, they will begin to feel better about their bodies and cellulite will no longer be a major issue in their lives. Women who exercise and enjoy life are under less stress, have strong relationships with others, and succeed in many more activities than women who stress over cellulite.

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