Cosmetic Surgery Options for Cellulite Sufferers

Among the many options for cellulite sufferers are liposuction and endermology. Both procedures are considered cosmetic surgery and will only be performed by a plastic surgeon. These procedures incorporate suction that will hopefully remove fat from the body and prevent future cellulite from forming. This is perhaps wishful thinking, however. Not everyone can qualify for these types of procedures due to health risks. These procedures are also expensive, so many people cannot afford them. And lastly, they need to be performed a few times before any results are shown. This is too much of a gamble for some people.

But for those who are willing to gamble, liposuction or endermology might be the choice for them. Liposuction is used for body fat that is closer to the muscle. Liposuction can be used for cellulite, but the results are not as high because cellulite fat is closer to the skins surface. This procedure can be very expensive and oftentimes a day or two will be needed for recovery. Liposuction can offer results that will mast a few months, but over time, the procedure will need to be repeated.

Endermology incorporates massage and suction when trying to remove cellulite. Rollers are used to massage the areas that have cellulite. This is supposed to loosen the fat from the clusters and redistribute it over the area. The massage also allows the fat to be suctioned out of the body. Once the rollers are finished, a small incision is made and the fat is suctioned from the body. Endermology is under attack because there is no proof that this procedure removes enough fat to reduce cellulite. Also, the fat will come back after a months. This procedure is also expensive and will need to be repeated.

Cosmetic surgery should be researched before having any of the procedures performed. Some people do not recover from cosmetic surgery as quickly as they would like. It is important to give the body enough time to heal before going back to work or engaging in any physical activity. A good surgeon will warn of the risks involved while discussing the benefits of these procedures. There are many people who are satisfied with the results and do claim cellulite was reduced at least for a short amount of time.

Cellulite will return regardless of which treatments are used. Cosmetic surgery may be effective on those who have more cellulite than most. This surgery can give a person back their confidence. On the other hand, treatments like these can be very expensive and will have to be repeated four or five times a year in order to see continual results. It is to weigh all options before paying for treatments that may or may not be effective. Cellulite will be a nuisance for a person for the rest of their lives. This is a fact. Another fact is that right now, there are no ways to prevent cellulite from forming in the body. Some treatments work better than others, but there isn't one that will cause cellulite to disappear completely.

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