Causes of Cellulite - Can you prevent it from Happening?

Cellulite is one of those annoyances of life that creeps up on you when you aren't looking.  You may not even notice its beginning and suddenly find yourself with a terrible case.  The good news is that you aren't alone in having cellulite. There are millions of people who have this skin occurrence.  Men, women, young, old, thin, and overweight can all have cellulite. 

Experts have studied cellulite at length and discovered that there may be certain factors that contribute to you getting it.  However, there is no know cure, so all you can do is try to avoid falling into these factors when possible and deal with your cellulite the best way you know how.

Food & Diet

Some experts claim that what you eat has an impact on whether or not you will get cellulite.  In fact, they feel that foods that are considered "toxins" to the body can be very present in the process of developing cellulite.  The foods include fried food, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar.  When your body consumes these types of foods, it immediately begins to attempt to get rid of them.  If you consume enough of them, you will be stuck with the after-effects, which some experts claim includes cellulite.  Water is also an issue that goes along with cellulite.  If you don't drink enough water, some think you will be at more of a risk for cellulite problems.  So, be sure you stay hydrated and drink at least eight glasses of water a day.


Other experts think that the key to preventing cellulite lies in exercise.  When you don't exercise, your body does not circulate your blood very easily.  In fact, you can have poor circulation as well as increased stress from not exercising.  In addition, exercise will give you better lymphatic flow which will help reduce cellulite as well.  You will have a reduced risk of cellulite when you exercise regularly. 


One thing you can't change are your genes.  Unfortunately, many experts think that genetics plays a big role in the emergence of cellulite in certain individuals.  If your mother has cellulite, your chances of getting it are probably higher than someone whose family doesn't get cellulite.  Although there is nothing you can do about your genetics, you can certainly be on the lookout for early signs of cellulite if you know you are prone and take action in any way you can.

As you know, cellulite cannot be cured.  However, when you are informed about what you can do to try to help prevent it, you will be more likely to experience less cellulite than the average man or woman.  So, try to eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, and be on the lookout for signs of cellulite.  Doing what you can to stay healthy and fit not only will help you stay clear of cellulite, but it will also help you stay healthy and live longer overall.  Cellulite is certainly not something anyone wants to deal with, but you can do your part to keep it away!

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