Body Wraps Keeping Cellulite Under Cover

While you may be aware of the concept of the body wrap to help cellulite look less pronounced, you may not know exactly what a body wrap is.  In fact, many people are terrified at the thought of being wrapped up like a mummy.  The truth is that a body wrap can be quite a relaxing experience that can really help you lessen your cellulite.  Take a look at this information about body wraps and decide for yourself if it is what you need for your own cellulite treatment.

The Wrapping

When you arrive for your body wrap, you will likely be asked to unclothe yourself.  Often you will leave on your undergarments.  If you are only getting a partial wrap, you will be able to leave on some clothing as well.  First your body will be exfoliated, which usually involves a sea salt scrub.  Your body will be lathered with a cream mask that is made of natural substances.  Most of the creams contain algae, seaweed, or mud.  Often times they also contain lotions to hydrate your skin. 

After the mixture is on your body, you will be wrapped with warm cloths or seaweed wraps.  These will feel wonderful and will stay on from 20-45 minutes.  When your time is up you will be rinsed off.  Lotion or hydrating body cream will be applied and you will be finished.  The entire process can last from an hour to an hour and a half.

How They Work

A body wrap works to help detox your body.  The natural mixture of algae and seaweed are used as metabolic stimulation tools to get rids of the toxins in the body.  They can also be very hydrating when lotions are used.  They help minimize the appearance of cellulite by encouraging circulation in your body and by hydrating your skin.  You can usually see results after several sessions of body wraps.  You will not likely see any long term effect however.  These are only temporary solutions for cellulite.  Many people choose to use body wraps in addition to other methods of cellulite treatments. They will add a weekly wrap into their schedule. 


You should be comfortable with the location in which you are receiving your body wrap.  It is a somewhat personal procedure and you need to feel comfortable at all times.  You will not be massaged, but you can get both if you ask.  You may feel somewhat claustrophobic during the treatment, so be aware of that aspect.  If you think you are claustrophobic, you might want to try another treatment. In addition, many times you will be left alone while the wrap is on, so be sure you are comfortable before the specialist leaves the room.

Overall, the body wrap technique is one that can be soothing as well as effective against your cellulite.  It is also a great way to remove any toxins and to keep your skin looking perfect.  You can be sure you are hydrated afterward by being sure to drink extra water after your treatments.  Sometimes body wraps can leave your body a bit dehydrated.

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