Your Bad Breath and the Other People

Today you are in a hurry to go to work. The mirror is your friend in these kinds of situations: your make-up must be perfect and you don't forget your hairdo. You may not be a fashion addict, but you sure like to look good.

You read women magazines and you follow the advices of the specialists!  Only, your work colleagues are not so interested to talk to you today. Cheap talk is not their priority near you. Because you may not realize that in your hurry this morning, you forgot to brush your teeth and you don't have a chewing gum. In addition if you remember there were the impressive number of cigarettes you smoked last evening and the couple of glasses of wine you consumed all now making their presence felt.

As you do realize you forgot, and as the noon meeting starts, you keep wondering if you really want to participate. You don't want all the people to know about your little inconvenience and you're scared that if you accidentally breathe on someone they will recoil away from you. You then also remember your terrific fear of going to the dentist and you think, you haven't been for your checkup for absolutely ages.

Your breath bad smell can be embarrassing sometimes. You talk to someone and they start to make faces. Obviously, he or she has a reason for that and you sure feel offensive because you know your partner irritation is an effect of your negligence.

You start to number your untreated caries or your smoked cigarettes or you realize you have a problem with your everyday meals. For instance you cannot stop eating garlic, cheese, fish or other foods that make you have a bad breath.

You also realize that you are always on the run, and your breath smells bad almost everyday. It happens today, it will happen tomorrow and it will be nasty the day after.

You start suffering; you isolate yourself or even start covering your mouth with your hand while speaking to someone. Psychologically, this is a very serious problem and you finally realize that only a dentist can help you. But unfortunately because you hate going to the dentist, there will always be reasons to postpone the medical exam: a lack of money, no time, because you are busy etc.

When you start feeling bad about your bad breath all day long, you try to find different helpful solutions like: chewing gums, mint refresher sprays, menthol candies. All this though are suited to make your breath fresh for only short periods of time.

You later find out that not only does the bad smell returns, but a frequent use of these products can cause some tongue and gums irritations or may even have a laxative effect.
You must reconsider this kind of thinking! This is a health problem and you need to take the bull by the horns and visit the dentist. The dentist can be your salvation when dealing with bad breath and usually treatment is sometimes very simple, with no pain. Do yourself a favour, visit the dentist foe everyone's sake.

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