Bad Breath

An important percent of the population is affected by bad breath (or halitosis). This is a significant problem caused by a bacterium that thrives in places where there is no oxygen. One of these places is the back of the tongue. There are some muscles that help you swallow when eating or even talking (specific sounds) on that side of the tongue, but this place is not so easy to reach, even when you brush your tongue.

The research made by the American University of Illinois (Chicago) on tea reveals that some components that can be found in this drink prevent the growth of the bacteria that makes you have a bad breath. The researchers talked about these facts in an annual meeting set up by the members of microbiology associations in Washington.

The results of that experiment revealed that drinking black tea can help you with your bad breath problem, along with other problems solved. Halitosis is caused by bacteria growth and drinking black tea keeps down the enzymes that accelerate the rapid cell multiplication. Enjoying a cup of black tea can make miracles on a relaxing break and you don't even know it.

But tea is not the only remedy in bad breath problem. There are other home remedies that can help you. From the fruits category the orange is important. So, start eating these fruits, because they can help a lot. Oranges are a very important source of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, an amount of fibers, some proteins and have a very, very refreshing taste.  But vitamin contribution is not their single role in your body. The existing flora from your intestines can be balanced with the oranges contribution, because halitosis is an effect of this lack of balance.

The same effect can be obtained with lemons. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, and vitamin A, and some potassium and calcium or magnesium as well. A gargle with water diluted with lemon juice reduces the pithiness of bad breath. Diets based on lemon juice can also work miracles too. That doesn't mean all you eat and drink is lemons and lemon juice, but this cure can purify the body.

However it is important that you don't exaggerate, and try to drink it in combination with other acidic drinks because the acid lemon juice can affect your stomach. Lemon juice can be helpful if your teeth need a little whitening, so you can use it when brushing. As you can see, lemon juice can be a source for beauty and specialists maintain it is even better because you can also lose weight if you follow a certain diet with lemons.

Anyway, there may be people that can't stand the sour and acid taste of citrus fruits. For those who consider not drinking lemon juice there is another option: vegetal fibers. As you read above, lemons and oranges contain fibers, but there are other vegetables like: carrot, apple, celery, cabbage, green salad, spinach, radish and beet that are full of fibers. Eating these vegetables helps in cleaning your tongue. 

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