Periodontal Disease and Bad Breath

Do you have to deal with bad breath? Have you wondered what makes other people avoid you or feel uncomfortable? One answer can be periodontal disease and this is a very important problem.

Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath and there are various causes that can lead to it. Periodontal disease is genetic, meaning that if your parents or grandparents suffer from this illness you are predisposed to inherit it, too. Some factors that worsen it are: tobacco, alcohol, teeth scald, bad mouth hygiene, defective dentures. Many persons realize they have periodontal disease too late and they end up losing their teeth.

In addition to bad breath, other symptoms may tell you that you need to go and see a dentist. Itching and retracted gums, uncomfortable sensations of irritated gums, bleeding, gingival inflammations, infections or gingival abscesses are all symptoms of periodontal disease.

However bad breath is not just a symptom for periodontal disease, so it doesn't always mean if you have bad breath, you are automatically suffering from periodontal disease. Also even though periodontal disease is genetic, modern medicine can help you eliminate it.

One treatment method is laser surgery, which sterilize the periodontal inflammations and eradicates them. The doctor will also decide if other operations are required such as thickening and lifting of the existing bone tissue. This is possible by adding some other bone tissue that was first prepared in a low temperature vacuum atmosphere for a longer preservation, or collagen membranes with later resorb (dissolve). A radiological exam can tell the doctor which is the degradation level of the bone tissue.

Bad breath comes with some bacteria that can be found on your tongue, especially on the back side, but the periodontal disease has to deal some deep or medium depth "pus bags" that ousts some secretions and fermentation on your mouth. These secretions have an awful smell even after you wash your mouth. People who suffer from periodontal disease also find their bad breath is accentuated in the morning after they wake up, and their jaws are tense. This tension disappears after a few exercises.

Bad breath is persistent when this illness is advanced, and the inconvenience that starts with the smell continues on with tooth loss and pain.

As you can see above, there is a way to solve this problem. The treatment is a complex one, but the laser therapy used in this surgery gives back the health and beauty of the patient smile thus restoring their confidence. As long as the bacteria are no longer in your mouth, there will be no more bad breath.

Finally, bad breath can't tell you for definite that you have periodontal illness, but your doctor or dentist can and will diagnose and advise you in order to solve your problem. What you should realize is that preventing periodontal disease is easier and cheaper than the laser surgery needed to cure it. So a preventive medical exam once or twice a year can reduce the risk and can save your natural teeth. Follow the dentist's advice and you will not have bad breath!

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