Do You Have a Bad Breath?

Typically, halitosis is caused by defectively dental hygiene. There are also many other factors that can lead to this unpleasant affection, including: gums illness, dental caries, salivary glands, infections of the respiratory tract (throat, nose, lungs, sinus), inadequate diet, constipation, indigestion, smoking, fever, diabetes, indigestion, liver or kidney dysfunctions or alcohol abuse.

If you wake up in the morning and you realize that you have bad breath, you must know that this is probably the result of poor hydration or maybe the result of reduced quantities of saliva - this is very important, because it "washes" your mouth bacteria.

Poor nutrition can make you have bad breath, because your body tries to decompose the stored proteins and fats. The metabolic products that come from this process of degradation have a very bad smell, and when they are exhaled from your lungs they cause your bad breath.
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We tend to believe that bad breath, also known as halitosis is an adult problem. It is somehow shocking when parents realize their little children also have to deal with bad breath on occasion.

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Typically, halitosis is caused by defectively dental hygiene. There are also many other factors that can lead to this unpleasant affection, including: gums illness, dental caries, salivary glands...

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Almost anyone who has dogs or cats will sometime complain about their unbearable breath. The reason for your pet having this problem is in fact the same as for humans: they don't frequently brush their teeth.

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An important percent of the population is affected by bad breath (or halitosis). This is a significant problem caused by a bacterium that thrives in places where there is no oxygen. One of these places is the back of the tongue.

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Bad breath or Halitosis is a very common problem. Almost everyone has experienced a transient episode of bad breath especially after waking up. It is caused mainly by breakdown of food particles by bacteria in the mouth to produce foul smelling gases.

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