Fresh Breath

Americans spend almost 3 billions of dollars in one year on chewing gum, menthol candies or other products just to have a fresh breath. Bacteria found on your tongue cause 90% of bad breath cases, specialists say. This bacterium lives without oxygen and by decomposing, its particles liberates a specific smell that is very unpleasant.

Persistent smelly tastes of some foods that you eat make you have a bad breath. Doctors associate specific smells to onions, garlic, tobacco, cheese, fish etc, so when eating this kind of food you have to be very careful that you may not realize when your breath become unbearable. It is recommendable that you chew some gum or use a mouth spray after your meals, especially when they contain these foods.

Atkins weight loss diet can make you have a bad breath. Fats burned during this diet need a specific balance of hydrating and proteins and this lack of balance can cause a bad breath.

Some people say that even if they brush their teeth, use mouthwash, or even dental floss, they still have to deal bad breath. Therefore, washing and keeping your mouth clean is not the only way to get a fresh breath. It is true that the lack of local hygiene brings tartar and dental plaque. Saliva decomposes the little particles of food that remain in their mouth and this process brings that specific bad smell.

Tartar attacks your teeth, and you need to see a doctor in order to clean it with special brushes. If you do not, you will have to deal with cavities or gum inflammations. These are the places where bad breath bacteria expand, because a mouth brush does not reach it. Therefore, a medical exam is imperative. By controlling the number of bacteria, their sulfurous components may decompose in saliva.

A dry mouth has a persistent bad smell because of the lack of saliva. When do people have dry mouth? Respiratory infections or allergies can dry your mouth, because you cannot inhale on your nose and try to use the mouth to breathe. Medication, like sprays, used locally on your nose can dry your mouth, too.

If bacteria cause 90 percent of problems, then the rest of 10 percents to 100 comes from other sources. They may come from sinus infections, gastric problems, intestinal problems, or maybe lungs affections.

Dentists have an optimistic view on 90 percents of causes. They say it is important to control the mouth microbes, and that there are solutions for that. A regular mouthwash is necessary. Twice a day or after main meals, you have to brush your teeth in order to ensure proper hygiene. Brushing the tongue in the morning and in the evening is also important because the bacteria find a place to settle in the back of it.

Between main meals, you may want to eat other foods, and you may realize that brushing your teeth is not so easy when you are not at home. There are some solutions to this, as you read above, like chewing gums or menthol candies. Doctors point that only chewing gum or using candies can replace one smell with another or irritate your tongue. If these are not sugar free, cavities may appear. Otherwise, if they are sugar free but still contain some surrogates, using it can sometimes produce digestive problems.

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