Bad or Modified Breath


Everybody has bad or modified breath sometimes, especially in the morning. This problem is also called halitosis and may appear when you are hungry, when you are on a diet or after you eat garlic, onion, fish, and other smelly food.


Bad breath can have many causes. One important cause is the decrease of saliva secretion. Saliva has a purifying action which helps to reduce and eliminate bad breath.
Halitosis or bad breath is the result of some bacteria that evolves especially when saliva secretion decreases.

This happens mostly:

- In the morning, because saliva disappears while sleeping. The bacteria multiply and bad breath appears.
- When you are hungry, because bad breath is common in those people who are on a diet. While chewing the amount of saliva from your mouth increases. Otherwise, the bacteria tend to grow and bad breath is the consequence.
- When you suffer from dehydration, because the saliva secretion decreases. its purifying action is diminished.
- When suffering from maladies that affect the salivary glands
- When you take some medicines.
- When you drink alcohol.
 Other causes for bad breath include:
- Eating smelly foods like garlic, onion, fish, cheese etc.
- Smoking.
- Not removing the rests of eaten food from your mouth which have lodged between your teeth and been transformed into bacteria plaque and tartar.

Mouth and throat problems that cause bad breath:

- Gum infections or larynx infections (like streptococcus tonsillitis).
- Dental problems like cavities.
- Gum diseases like periodontal disease that make you have metallic bad breath.
- Deep crypts in your tonsils that hoard particles of food
- Mouth or throat cancers.
Some other problems of the body can cause bad breath. Some nose problems, like sinusitis, nose polyps, or a strange object in your nose (like seeds) can give you bad breath. Diabetes gives off a bad strong fruity smell from your breath.
Digestive and intestinal problems or a HIV infection can also give off bad breath symptoms. Even lungs or liver problems produce halitosis.

A mouthwash gargle may help you eradicate or at least control bad breath problems. You must not forget to brush your teeth and your tongue at least twice a day using toothpaste. Use dental floss at least once a day.

Your daily diet should include little fats, but lots of fruits and vegetables. Eat meat rarely. Also, don't smoke or use other tobacco products.

Some foods and drinks must be avoided and your meals should be scheduled regularly. Be careful when choosing a reducing diet because it can cause you to have bad breath.
Use a sugar free chewing gum, menthol sugar free candies, and drink a lot of water, especially when you have a dry mouth. Mouthwash can help you for the moment, so use it regularly.

Finally, but very important, don't hesitate to go to a dentist and go regularly. Also make an appointment to have your ears, nose and throat examined if the bad breath problems persist.

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