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Acupuncture has graced the Earth for over five thousand years yet is still carries a mystery that shrouds its treatment abilities in uncertainty. It seems that the old ways of medicine carry with it an idea that many scientists find hard to prove, but like wise find it hard to disprove too. The idea behind acupuncture is that a therapist places needles in the body at special points in the body, these points are known as acupuncture points and are said to hold amazing qualities that can act as a medicine to a whole host of different conditions. The reason these acupuncture points are said to work so well is because they lie on meridian lines that follow the flow of Qi in the body. Qi, other wise known as Ki, is derived from ancient Chinese tradition; the Chinese of old believed that Qi is the natural spirit or life force in every living being. Scientists have been trying to prove or disprove acupuncture for many years, there has been talk that acupuncture may work as a placebo and this is why people feel like it is having a positive affects. The placebo affect works because people believe in something so much that they feel it has worked so well their symptoms are not so strong. An example of a placebo is giving someone a glass of water and telling him or her it's a mystical tonic, they drink the water and say that it has rejuvenated them; this is because they believe it is something that it is not. So can we dispel the myth and prove acupuncture works in reality? Well there is medical proof in many journals that acupuncture can work for many conditions like pain, headaches, digestive problems, problems of the female nature and many more. The reason that acupuncture can help is because it has a positive affect on endorphins and serotonin released in the brain and central nervous system. Endorphins and serotonin control a person's mood and have a lot of influence on the pain reactors that control the pain we feel. To Summarize There is a whole range of different views on acupuncture, there are those who believe it works tremendously, and this is proven by the fact that it has stood the test of time and its use is still growing strong after thousands of years. There are others who believe it works on some forms of medical conditions due to its release of the body's natural chemicals. Then there are those who believe it is just a lot of hype being used today under the guise of an ancient medicine that was used by the ancient Chinese. It may take a lot more medical research to one hundred percent confirm or deny that acupuncture works, but until this time there is going to be this shroud of myth hiding behind acupuncture like a dark shadow. Even if you are skeptical about acupuncture, but are intrigued by the possibilities, then why not give it a go you may find that it works for you, even if it doesn't it is a relaxing and invigorating experience you will...........read more

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