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Acne is a problem for over seventeen million people in America. It is so common among young teens, who are going through the life changes of puberty, that is has become looked on as a rite of passage from childhood through the teenage years into adulthood.  That doesn't mean you should just ignore it, but that you need to learn how to deal with it. The way to begin is to understand what it is.

Acne, which encompasses multiple skin conditions, is caused when the pores in a person's skin become blocked by dead skin or body oils. These oils, called Sebum, normally do the job of keeping your skin or hair from drying out.  The most common acne in teenagers is called Acne Vulgaris. This is found mainly on the face, upper back and shoulders.  In teenagers it is the hormonal changes that seem to send the wrong messages and so wind up encouraging an overproduction of the body's oils.
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Acne Myths
It is so difficult when you are a teenager trying to figure out what to do about your acne and you hear stories about why its caused and how to treat it that don't seem to make sense to you.

Acne prevention tips
The best thing you can do in the fight against acne is to try everything you can do to prevent it and to keep it from spreading.  Many of the things you should do are common sense applications of hygiene and face care.

Acne realities
Since we know that acne is caused by a blocking of the skin's pores due to body oils and dead skin this should tell you that some of the things you may have been told about what causes acne is very wrong and should not be believed.

Acne remedies are all around your house
There are many things that can be done to help an acne problem without using prescription medications, over the counter cures, or straight off the shelf lotions and creams. Many times the best cure is waiting for you somewhere in your house where you least expect it.

Baby can get acne too
It is normal for infants to have acne. It is called acne neonatorum.   It is very common, occurring in at least twenty percent of all infants. It will start immediately after the baby is born because it is a problem based on hormones from the mother...

Back acne
Back acne can be a problem that many athletes have to deal with because of the two major causes one of them is sweat.  The more a person works out the more they will sweat.  If they also wear tight fitting clothing then there is little doubt that...

What is acne?
Acne is a problem for over seventeen million people in America. It is so common among young teens, who are going through the life changes of puberty, that is has become looked on as a rite of passage from childhood through the teenage years into adulthood.

Kitchen products make great acne remedies
Who would have thought that some of the best natural acne remedies are hiding out in your own kitchen? If you are reluctant to use more of those lotions that dry your skin, or the other creams, ointments or soaps that are supposed to rid you of acne problems...

The breakdown on types of acne
Acne is actually a condition that comes in quite a few varieties. The only reason to be interested in the different types is that each classification will come with a treatment that works just for it.  The most common kind of acne is called acne vulgaris.

Women coping with acne
When you're a teenager acne is viewed as an uncomfortable part of growing up. It always seems to get worse right before that big date or the school dance. You do everything you can to get rid of it while waiting to just simply outgrow it.

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Jamaica Gleaner
I am an 18-year-old girl who has been suffering from acne for two years. Earlier, my acne marks used to go away with some creams like Avene Clean-ac, etc. But now my acne has increased and the marks aren't going away. Day by day, the marks get darker. (blog)
Women taking a widely prescribed treatment for acne, known to cause birth defects, are often not fully aware of their contraceptive choices, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The findings ...

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women using a popular acne drug that causes birth defects need better information about how to keep from getting pregnant, a small study suggests. Isotretinoin - first marketed as Accutane - is one of the most effective...

SBWire (press release)
Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- There are a lot of acne products available these days. But there are just a few of them that offer a complete, one-two punch against recurring acne. Revitol brings forth Acnezine, a new anti-acne system that ... (прессъобщения) (press release)

Probiotic Action, a pioneer in alternative acne treatments, follows all probiotic associated products to collect information and educate the public on the power of probiotics for skin care, and overall health. Following the launch of Kombucha Brewers...

Montreal Gazette
Montreal's Klox Technologies Inc. said Tuesday Sandoz Canada, the Canadian arm of European-based Sandoz International, will commercialize its new light-based treatment for moderate and severe acne in Canada. This follows Health Canada approval for...
EIN News (press release)

What's even worse than having acne as a teen? Having it as an adult. And, by acne, we mean persistent pimples that can take over an entire area of your skin — not just a random zit. So, when skin distress sets in, the first reaction most of us have is ...
SBWire (press release) (прессъобщения) (press release)

PR Web (press release)
Just in time for the holidays, DermaQuest Skin Therapy is proud to launch its latest skin care product, a gift to acne sufferers everywhere. The specially formulated acne treatment lotion combines the benefits of salicylic acid and glycolic acid, which ...

ABQ Journal
Q: My mostly feral/domestic cat has chin acne very badly. I've read stuff online and am now only giving food and water out of glass/porcelain bowls. I'm not seeing any progress. Would Dinovite help? I hesitate to try witch hazel or any other antiseptics.

Times of India
However, many people suffer from acne even as adults and the reasons for this outbreak may not be the same as teenage acne. As an adult, dealing with acne can be very stressful, so understanding its causes and treating it appropriately, is important in ...
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