Back Acne

Back acne can be a problem that many athletes have to deal with because of the two major causes one of them is sweat.  The more a person works out the more they will sweat.  If they also wear tight fitting clothing then there is little doubt that they will develop some degree of back acne. This condition is also hereditary, so if one of your parents has suffered with this problem you likely will too. When it's caused because of hereditary it is more likely a hormonal problem.  The term bacne has been coined to describe this uncomfortable problem.

There are some things you can do to keep this under control and make it less uncomfortable. First if you are feeling sweaty have a shower, more than once a day will not hurt you. When you're in the shower use some type of back scrubber to help remove dead skin.  Be careful when using the back scrubber so as not to rub too hard and accidentally rip open any of the acne.

Make sure you do not wear clothing that is too tight. This will not allow the skin to breath and so encourages sweating. As well, changing your top a couple of times a day to keep bacteria buildup under control is another way to help keep the outbreak of back acne to a minimum.  Other useful tips include powdering your back after showering. A little unscented baby powered can keep the skin from sweating. Some people even go so far as to spray their backs with antiperspirant. But this can have adverse effects if you sweat a lot.

Wearing clothing made from cotton is an advantage because it will help your skin breathe.  Although it is common sense to keep yourself clean and to change your clothes daily, if you have back acne you must make sure you put on all clean clothes each day. This should include changing bras daily.  Another point to remember is that when using exercise mats you should put a towel under your back to help absorb the sweat.

One thing that might be able to help treat the back acne is a mixture of lye soap ad tea tree oil. This will soften the skin, and help to control the oils in the back. People who suffer with back acne should not sleep on waterbeds. The heat of the mattress will irritate the skin and cause the sleeper to sweat. This will only cause more acne.

Acne on the back is more much difficult to treat than acne on the face. If its really bad it isn't unusual for the sufferer to require prescribed antibiotics from their dermatologist. One of either minocycline or tetracycline may be suggested. As well there are prescription washes that will help to clean the bacteria away that is causing the acne. After using the wash follow it by using a prescribed cream or lotion.  Given time and care an episode of back acne can be brought under control.

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