Acne Remedies Are all Around Your House

There are many things that can be done to help an acne problem without using prescription medications, over the counter cures, or straight off the shelf lotions and creams. Many times the best cure is waiting for you somewhere in your house where you least expect it.

A good example of this is toothpaste.  Put toothpaste on your acne right before you are going to bed.  Wash it off as soon as you get up in the morning. After you have used it for a few days you should find the pimples disappear. This is because it dries up the oils and so helps the acne heal.

There are many food-based remedies that people believe help to counter acne outbreaks.  One is the use of tomato pulp. A home remedy uses this pulp, on the face for an hour before being washed off. After a few uses it is supposed to help the acne go away. There are some who believe that applying the juice from a freshly squeezed lemon and allowing it to stay on the skin overnight will help. If you try this make sure to wash your face thoroughly in the morning. Others take this a step further by adding rose water to the lemon juice and letting this mixture sit on the face for about thirty minutes a day. In fifteen days the acne should be gone.  If it is food remedies that interest you grate some potatoes and put them on any acne you have.  Or is its something a little sweeter you prefer mix cinnamon with honey. Then take this paste and put it on before going to sleep. A towel on your pillow would be a good idea when using this remedy. Wash it off with warm water in the morning.  If you would like to try one a little smellier rub fresh garlic all over the areas with acne. Many of these remedies are to be repeated until the acne clears up.

Other home remedies include using the essential oil of lavender on your acne. Maybe instead you'd prefer to drink something that can help you. Try wheat grass juice; this can both cure and prevent acne. Or drink a slice of lemon in boiled water when you would otherwise have a cup of coffee or tea. Try rubbing ice on the areas where you have acne before going to sleep.

Neem is a very useful ingredient in acne cures. There are soaps with Neem in them that you can use. Used twice daily they will help your skin. Neem also comes in capsules that can be taken daily. These are supposed to not only help to cure the acne you have but to prevent further outbreaks. Why does this work so well? Neem is supposed to be a blood purifier and enhancer of the body's immune system. It appears to fight the infections of the skin. Research has proven it to be very effective in treating skin disorders of many kinds.

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