We wanted to introduce you to the editors of The-Health-and-Wellness.com.  We range from age 29 to 45 all have families and are very concerned about our health as we are growing older.

What brought us together was a common interest in the well being of our families.  As we help our parents deal with their health conditions, we also  have young children that need the guidance to ensure a healthy lifestyle.  All the while we deal with poor choices in diet and  lifestyle choices we've made and recognizing we need to make some changes.

We started to taking about our concerns and one thing led to another and we decided to start The-Health-and-Wellness-Center.com.  We share the research, critique each others writing and learn all about what it means to create a website and we are having fun and learning a lot.

We welcome comments and feel free to .  We will be starting a blog soon and that would be a great place discuss health concerns.


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