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Welcome to The Health and Wellness Center!  Our mission is to provide you a health and wellness portal of information that you can use to research your health concerns. 

Please Pardon our construction, in an effort to keep current and accurate information available we have disable several key links while we update those sites.

Addiction Treatment and Recovery

If you or you know someone who is dealing with a drug addiction problem you should know there is help available.  Drug addiction is an illness and not just a habit.  You need to the professional help needed to treat this illness.  The best place we can recommend is , check them out today and start on the road to recovery.

Our friends at are offering a FREE 25 page report on Anti-Aging to anyone who subscribes to their Newsletter.  We did and downloaded the report, it's top notch. 


Are all Dietary Supplements Equal?

It's likely that you... like most of us, take dietary supplements of one type of another. But, do you really know if you are receiving the benefits that you expect? So many of the supplements on the market are ineffective either due to low potency levels, or, they simply do not contain what is stated on the label.

Even worse, many supplements can have dangerously high levels of contaminants due to relaxed regulatory regulations governing the manufacture of dietary supplements. There is some interesting information available on this subject. If you take supplements we would recommend you check out this valuable information from a trusted company called X-tend Life, .

  Dramatic Asthma & Allergy Relief - Breathe Free & Enjoy an Active Life without Drugs

Do you want to be free of your asthma and allergy symptoms? Do you hate asthma and allergy drug side effects? Neither you or your loved ones ever have to suffer a potentially life-threatening asthma or allergy attack again.

The Dramatic Asthma Relief Report, which is based on extensive medical research & proven clinical trials will positively change your life!  It's 100% guaranteed. for more info.


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